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An attempt to meet and approach women can be quite intimidating at times. So for most men, any kind of ability to attract women naturally is extremely valuable. Plus, the ability to cause a natural attraction between you and any woman doesn't just mean you'll have an easier time getting dates. It'll help your dates become more successful as well.

There are definitely things you can do to attract women but it'll take some conscious effort. The following dating tips will help you get a date, but you'll also need to put in some behind the scenes work to make it all seem natural. It's a bit of work but who said that the ability to attract women came easily?

Things you can do to attract women:

Working Out
Looking good is always a plus with the women. Now it's not a must for every man to visit the gym everyday or have an extremely buffed up body. But working out every once in a while and keeping fit is extremely attractive. Remember not to go overboard though because not all women are attracted to heaps of muscle.

Self Grooming
Apart from being fit, looking good also involves picking the right kind of things to wear. Try to make some effort to put together an outfit before your date or whenever you're about to go out. If you just appear for the date in whatever you put together spontaneously (that clashes horribly) it will give women the impression that you aren't really interested in her or the date. It's definitely not attractive. Like it or not, women have this natural attraction for men who know how to dress well.

Smelling Good
How you smell can also help you attract women. And when it comes to smelling good there are several things you can do. Firstly you can take a bathe to come out smelling fresh and clean. It's certainly better smelling than sweat and body odor. To add to it, you can also try using some cologne. But the real secret on how to attract women with how you smell is by using pheromone scents. Available in stores, these special cologne and scents can really boost your attractiveness with women.

Be A Gentleman
You can also attract women by being a gentleman. This is because there is an assumption that chivalry is dead these days. You don't have to go overboard by being overly nice. Little things like holding the door open or offering to get the umbrella and making a little more effort to care for her is all you need to do.

Be A Challenge
Alternatively, the other route to causing a natural attraction with women is to provide them with a challenge. For reasons that can't be explained, women appear to love bad boys. It brings out the nurturer in them and they are attracted to the idea that they can be your savior and that you're just misunderstood. It's weird but it works!

Overall, there are many ways of causing an attraction whether natural or otherwise. But sometimes the best way to attract women is by being yourself. Sure you can buff your profile (just as you would your resume) to make yourself seem more impressive and attractive, there's nothing wrong with that. Just remember that overdoing it can also produce negative results. And if you've got enough confidence in yourself just a smile and a good joke can go a long way to attract the woman of your dreams.


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