A Tip To Approaching And Meeting A Group Of Women And Getting That Special Woman To Leave With You.

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Q: "Picking up a woman isn't always an easy thing. I'm always freaked out on what I'm going to say and it gets worse when she's surrounded by her friends. They're just giggling at me like I'm not even there and to make matters worse, she starts laughing too and I end up looking like an idiot. I'm about to give up on meeting women who like to hang out in groups cos I can't seem to find a way to speak to her properly and I don't know how approaching a group of women works. I'm sure if I could persuade her into leaving her group I'd do a lot better one on one. But how can I do that?"

A: "Now that that scenario sound familiar or what. You spot a great woman but she's with a bunch of friends and you really want to get to ‘know' her but you don't know where to start. I realize that approaching a girl all by herself and approaching a whole bunch of women is a different thing altogether and not everyone has the confidence to do so, but guess what, I figured a way around it."

There's actually a trick here to getting her attention and getting her away from the group of women. You could of course just walk up and talk to her and if she is especially very stunning and attractive she is likely to be the kind of girl who would be susceptible to this trick. This is of course based on the generalization that girls who look hot and dress up like attention.

What I usually like to do is to casually approach the entire group of women then walk up to her from behind or from the side, lightly touch her arm and say “Can I talk to you for a minute?” This works even better if you're able to get close enough to whisper that in her ear.

Yes it really is THAT simple! You get straight to the point, and because it's so non-intrusive she's very likely to fall for it, leave her group and come over to talk to you ! She will of course imagine all sorts of things that you could possibly want to talk to her about which leaves you open for a multitude of topics. The best part of this trick is that even if she doesn't leave her group immediately there is a high chance that she'll come over in the later part of the evening just out of curiosity. All you have to do is to work up the confidence to approaching the entire group of women once! Just make sure that you have a group of friends near you whom you can walk to if she fails to take interest the first time around.

This is a classic trick to get a woman to leaving a group that can be used anywhere you like. It's worked in bars, parties, seminars, work and even at churches! Meeting women has never been easier than this. So the next time you see that woman surrounded by a bunch of friends and you're not so sure about approaching and meeting a whole bunch of women, don't be intimidated. Go over, speak to her and get her to leave her group and come to you!


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