An Easy Trick Anyone Can Use To Approaching Girls And Meeting Women To Get Dates.

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Q: " Flirting and approaching girls seems like such a chore sometimes. I have to plan what to say and I have going through a load of pick up lines to find a really good one. There has got to be an easier way to get dates than going through the hassle of gathering up the nerves to approach her and figuring out what to say and so on. Dating isn't easy but does meeting women have to be so hard? "

A: " Approaching girls are very simple. Both men and women tend to complicate the dating process but there are actually very simple methods of flirting, meeting and approaching a woman for a date. Let me describe to you an incredibly simple way of approaching girls. "

Girls are naturally curious people and you can use this to your advantage when you're trying to flirt with them. Try approaching a girl saying something like “Excuse me (to get her attention). I just wanted to say thank you.” She'll most likely just be stunned for a while and then react in 2 ways. She could just nod, look confused and walk away or get really curious and ask you to repeat yourself or ask you why you just said that.

Once you've gotten her attention, start building a rapport with her (like mirroring her body language) while using a cheesy but effective pick up line like “I was just having a really dull/bad day but bumping into you just suddenly made me feel like a thousand bucks and my day doesn't seem too bad anymore. So thanks.”

Try to say things like she has a really warm and friendly smile or look or how she brightens up the room. By now the girl should have had a positive reaction to your approach so use the opportunity to find out her name and use your charms to get her to show you that great smile of hers. And all this time while she is talking to you, flirt with her, charm her and build a rapport with her and you've gotten yourself a date.

Oh and if she did choose to walk away don't worry. Just hang around and chances are she'll come back to you (or send a friend) to find out what exactly did you mean by that approach. Don't tell the friend of course but instead try to persuade her to come over herself.

Approaching girls and meeting women are really easy things to do as soon as you figure out how. And sometimes, the simplest flirting techniques and pick up lines do work! Try it for yourself.


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