Start Approaching A Woman For A Date Or Meeting Women For Dates By Being Funny.

Women Approach You The Art Of Approaching Women The Lazy Mans Way To Seduce Women

Q: "I've tried many ways of approaching a woman but am always stumped as to how to make a conversation work and last longer than 5 minutes. What sort of conversation starters would you recommend? Which is the best way to go about approaching a woman?"

A: "It's cheesy and it's classic, but the best way to get things started and the best way to approaching a woman is to use humor. Meeting women isn't that hard to do. All you have to remember is that women love men who can make them laugh because it lightens the mood and even if they weren't feeling so hot for you a minute ago, they're definitely warming up. "

There are three easy steps to approaching a woman:

The beginning part of meeting women or girls is the preparation. Think about your opener, how you're looking and then initiate an entertaining conversation with her. The more interactive your topic is the better your chances of snagging the girl.

The middle part of approaching a woman is the part where you try to maintain her attention on you. Anything that you can possibly think of from entertaining stories and routines, use them to show of your humorous side, show of your confidence and all other traits that women love in men. This is also the section where you gauge her reaction and figure out or not whether you want to continue with what you're doing.

It's easy to see where you're going with it depending on her reaction. Is she talking to you animatedly or just giving you wooden answer? How is her body language? Is she laughing? These are 3 easy indicators to let you know whether or not to continue approaching this woman.

The ending section is when to gauge whether or not your approach has worked. Depending on how she has reacted to you, either seal your approach with a date, further conversation or a hot night out, or back off if she has rejected you and prepare to approach your next target.

The best men never give up on the night after one bad approach. After all, practice makes perfect. And there are plenty more women out there waiting to meet you.

Best Tips On Meeting & Approaching Women


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